Duro Roller Inc. was created in 1973 by Mr. Wayne Wayda of Southgate, Ca. Wayne set out to compound custom elastomer formulas suitable for the Rubber Roller Industry in Southern California. In pursuit of his goal, he organized a successful, self dependent industrial roller business.

Following Wayne's sudden passing in 1989, the business drove on through his family. Many associates moved on, in search of their own dreams and ideas. Those of us left to respect a man's vision and ideas all play a part in preserving Duro Roller as a pioneering Southern California Industrial Roller Manufacturer.

Duro Roller Inc. continues to manufacture Industrial Rollers using methods inherent to its origin. Wayne's original Elastomer Formulas are milled daily, and reflect the industrial standard. As within any corporation, adaptations arise out of customer and industrial need. We are now a company principled to assist all industry in need of roller services through loyal, ethical, and original Customer Service.